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11-09-07 Spirit Pond, Cassadaga Florida

This is Spirit Pond in Cassadaga Florida, it was pitch black that night,

and I realize the so called orbs in the foreground are more than likely dust,

however, there was no light source for the strikes of light in the upper left??


Early 2003 Colby Lake

All of these were take by A. A. Larocque on separate days

at different times of the day, and no he didn't smoke!

This lake is attached to Spirit Pond in Cassadaga Florida.

It was like this mist that seem to follow his camera.

He never saw it with his eyes.

April 30, 2009 Tampa Florida

Tina and Mel were visiting Mel's brother Chris and his partner Peter at their lovely home in Tampa when the subject of the paranormal comes up, which it does frequently with Tina and Mel, when Peter mentions that he has indeed seen shadows and heard voices in the house. Well of course they just happen to have some equipment with them. After the owners have long gone to sleep in the upstairs, Tina and Mel just happen to get a few EVP's.

Turn up your speakers and click the blue buttons below (one at a time) and hear what they did not hear at the time.

It wasn't until days later after reviewing the evidence that these were discovered.

After the question is asked wait a few seconds to hear the reply.

He seems to ask the same question two different ways.


July 1, 2009 St. Augustine Florida

Mel was on the camera that night . We were walking along the old streets on St. Augustine taking our own ghost walk, when Mel had the urge to take photos of this window. She took three photos all slightly different angles and different camera settings. The photos on the left are the originals. The photos on the right are all blow ups of the same lower left hand frame of the window. What do you think?


July 1, 2009 St. Augustine Florida Audio

Tina was on audio (EVP's) and had just walked up to the Tolamato Cemetery alone and was facing the sign and asked,

"How do you pronounce the name of this one?"

Turn up your speakers and click the button below and hear what she did not.

It wasn't until days later after reviewing the evidence that this was discovered.

The loud TOL was not Tina!


More to come!


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